Resume - Matthew Aarsvold


Executive Summary: 

Matthew Aarsvold is a Program and Project Manager, Solution Architect and JD Edwards Specialist optimizing Oracle partner validated apps integrations and cloud marketplace applications and services. 

He has thirty years of diversified domestic and international management experience in optimizing business performance through business process reengineering. He has been utilized as the "expert's expert" on challenging implementations, rollouts and business process refinement while deploying ERP and B2B solutions. He has been responsible for managing over 300 customer relationships at 400 sites as project manager and corporate executive. He has personally directed and managed over 100 successful customer implementations in more than 70 countries. 

Matthew is well versed in the industries of energy, chemical, life sciences, agriculture and food processing, government entities, retail, hospitality, distribution, manufacturing, property management and construction. 

Matthew is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of Oracle JD Edwards’s application suites of payroll and HRM, finance, distribution including inventory with data collection, procurement with encumbrance accounting and sales order processing, human resources, grower accounting/management, energy/ chemical, job cost and contract billing, capital asset management, home building and real estate/ property management which positions him as a JD Edwards system architect. 

As a project manager he is well versed in wide variety of project management tools and can traverse the spectrum from functional and technical design, decision documents, implementation and cutover scripts, program management, change management and solution assurance. He is comfortable using a wide variety of hardware and operating systems, and database platforms. 


Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical, Communications, Education and Research, Engineering, Construction, Financial Services, Health Sciences, Healthcare, High technology, Hospitality, Industrial manufacturing, Insurance, Life sciences, Media and entertainment, Natural resources, Non-industrial specific, Oil and gas, Professional services, Public sector, Retail, Travel and transportation, Utilities, Wholesale distribution 



Software specializations: JD Edwards World, OneWorld, and EnterpriseOne (E1)
Applications: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Contracts Management, Subcontract Management, Fixed Assets, General Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Inventory Management, Bulk Stock, Load and Delivery, Equipment Plant Maintenance, Grower Accounting, Job Cost, Property Management, Multi-currency Accounting, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Sales Order Processing, Work Orders, Agreement Management, Warranty, Container Management, and Advanced Pricing. 

Database Engineering: DB2/400, MS and Oracle SQL 

Enterprise Management: OneView, UBE, Fixed Asset Report Writer with Smart Fields, Insight, FASTR, STAR, World Writer, Showcase Vista
Operating Systems: Windows including Server; UNIX, OS/400 


Key Clients and Projects:

O&G Industries, US (April 2017-Present) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Project Manager, Subject Matter Expert, Project Team Lead and Solution Architect for system design and configuration of all applications for this construction company using E1 9.2.2.
  • Captured requirements, engineered system solution for Job Cost Reporting, Contract Management, Service Billing, Invoicing, Fixed Assets, Procure to Pay, Payroll and Human Resources.

Young Living Essential Oils, US (2016-2017) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Subject Matter Expert, Project Team Lead and Solution Architect for system design and configuration of all applications for this manufacturing and distribution company using E1 9.2.
  • Captured requirements, engineered system solution for Financial Reporting including Fixed Assets, Procure to Pay including DSI scripts and 3PL processes, Order to Cash and Manufacturing.

Alon USA, US (2015)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Subject Matter Expert, Project Team Lead and Solution Architect for system design and configuration of all applications required to migrate refineries and service stations from SAP to E1 9.2.
  • Captured requirements, engineered system solution for CAM, AFE approval routing, Project Cost, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Fixed Assets.
  • Created a common chart of accounts and deployed a standardized coding block across the company including job cost accounting project templates.

Udelhoven, US (2012-2014, 2016)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Manager and Subject Matter Expert for World 9.3 energy support and construction company.
  • Upgraded and engineered system solution for Fixed Assets, Payroll and HRM, Finance, Time and Service Billing, Sales Order Processing, CAM and Project Cost.
  • Reconciled Fixed Asset data issues.

Steve P. Rados, CA (1987-1989)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Manager and SME for the implementation of Job Cost including Subcontracting, Procurement, Contract Management and Time and Service Billing, Change Management. Deployed Finance, including Fixed Assets with depreciation and Plant and Equipment Maintenance.
  • Within the Job Cost application automated recognition of income and expense and configured the projected to complete functionality.
  • Installed Payroll and Human Resources.
  • Integrated the Payroll, Human Resources, Fixed Assets and Plant and Equipment Maintenance to Job Cost. 

  • Deployed functionality within Plant and Equipment Maintenance to manage equipment rental both internal and external.
  • Training for World applications 00-96. These are the module numbers in the JD Edwards product. It is only helpful to JDE experts. So, we could add it as an appendix once listing all the modules I have deep experience.

Westfield, CA (2006-2007)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Analyzed and identified efficiencies and opportunities to streamline and enhance business processes through using standard and customized JD Edwards' software as Revenue and Fixed Asset SME.
  • Focused specifically on the Real Estate and Property Management functionality including capital asset management depreciation methods, equipment and plant maintenance and cost allocation.
  • Integral in aiding the company in identifying more productive ways to utilize and extend the JDE software. Training for EnterpriseOne on applications 00, 01, 03, 04, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 23, 43, 50/1 and RDA.

J.F. Shea, CA (1989-1991, 2013)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Manager and SME performing the implementation of the following JD Edwards applications; General Ledger, Job Cost, Contract Management, Contract Production, Change Order Management, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Home Building, Property Management and Payroll/Human Resources.
  • Within the Job Cost application, automated recognition of income and expense and projected to complete functions were installed.

Dole Foods Company, CA (1995-2000, 2012-2015)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Responsible for the successful worldwide implementation of their multi-site, multi-national sites managing the implementation of several JD Edwards applications worldwide at seven sites. Lead several evaluation project for corporate and individual divisions to determine approach and cost to upgrade and expand their JD Edwards platform as their base ERP solution and platform.
  • Suites included finance, distribution including inventory management and procurement, grower accounting, manufacturing and sales order processing.
  • Developed and implemented enhanced fully integrated interface between JD Edwards and Maximo.
  • Created the President’s Package which standardized a common consolidated reporting format and process against a common chart of accounts worldwide.

Oshkosh, North American Parts (2015 and 2016)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Team Leader and Subject Matter Expert for E1 9.2 distribution assessment and deployment.
  • Captured requirements, engineered system solutions for Finance and Distribution suites. Re-engineered sales order processing process flow, inventory with data and procurement.
  • Working with the Convergence deployment team to build base system for worldwide rollout.
  • Interfaced procurement to the EBS OSN Portal and Financial system via a SOA layer.


Berry Plastics, China (2015) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Project Manager and Subject Matter Expert for E1 manufacturing assessment.
  • Captured requirements, engineered possible system solution for Finance, Localization, Distribution including Procurement, Inventory Management and Sales Order Processing,
    CAM, Project Cost, Payroll and HRM.
  • Included RICE matrix for all technical work including workflow processes.

Monrovia Nursery, CA (1997, 2014) 

Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Manager and distribution SME to evaluate their manufacturing and demand planning deployment of EnterpriseOne to determine a more efficient approach to capture cost components and establish crop standard costs.
  • Developed a plan to re-engineer the existing configuration to achieve the preferred outcome without disrupting the business enterprise including the incorporation of bar coded data collection. 

Eurofresh Farms, AZ (2013-2014)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Manager of a team of 6 JD Edwards application and technical consultants and several customer project team members for this turn-around project.
  • Implemented EnterpriseOne Version 9 for the applications of grower accounting, process manufacturing, data collection, distribution including inventory management and sales order processing, procurement and financial systems including AP, AR and FA for this multi- national agribusiness.
  • Created integrity reporting and update process for the inventory ledger to the GL.
  • Systems deployed included: 00, 01, 03, 04, 09, 10, 12, 31, 40G, 41, 42, 43 and 47. 

Oshkosh Trucks, WI (2013-2014) China
Professional JDE Consultant

  •  Project Lead for E1 process improvements for CAM, distribution and finance application functionality for their China manufacturing plant. Reviewed their approach to transportation and developed a plan to deploy the JD Edwards transportation application in China. 

  • Re- engineered their sales order process order activity rules and made adjustments to advanced pricing. 

AltaGas, Canada and US (2012-2013) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Subject Matter Expert for CAM, AFE and job cost.
  • Captured requirements, engineered possible system solution for CAM and Project Cost with a proposal for an AFE approval workflow. 

ChevronTexaco, US and International (1993-2001)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project manager for a team of 20 JD Edwards consultants on 28 day rotations.
  • Implemented nearly all JD Edwards applications for remote client sites in Kazakhstan, Angola, Nigeria, China, Venezuela, and California. 

  • Implemented process Manufacturing and Inventory Management.
  • Implemented Contract Management and Job Cost for capital construction and designed and  implemented a substantial enhancement to the Subcontract Management application to  track multi currency and time phased commitment management.
  • Deployed all aspects of capital asset management. Designed, developed and implemented a Camp Management application fully integrated to JD Edwards.
  • Responsible for implementing a 4,000-person payroll including cash payment processing in multiple currencies.
  • Directly managed consulting staff of ten. Training for World and EnterpriseOne for applications 00, 01, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 41, 43, 44, 48, 50/1, 52, 54, 82, 83 and 92-96. 

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, UAE (1998-1999)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project manager of a team of 12 JD Edwards application and technical consultants.
  • Responsible for the successful implementation installing the full package of JD Edwards’ applications including a heavily customized Job Cost solution.
  • Suites included Finance, Distribution including Inventory Management and Procurement, Energy Chemical and Sales Order Processing, Capital Asset Maintenance, and Property Management.
  • ADNOC was the operating company that dealt with upstream & downstream oil, property management, schools and infrastructure for Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s largest oil producing countries. 

KOA Oil, Japan (1999-2000)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project manager or a team of 10 JD Edwards consultants and liaison to Arthur Consulting on this two-year process re-engineering and ERP implementation project.
  • Implemented the entire JD Edwards Financial, Distribution, Sales, and Manufacturing Suites including interfaces to SCADA distributed control systems for bulk inventory management and gantry blending.
  • Helped to establish systems to track costs and make departments within client accountable for expenses against budget and ‘profit by product batches’.
  • Implemented Job Cost system to manage cost capture and deal with turnarounds.
  • Included double-byte infrastructure and the management of a team of interpreters.
  • Managed the installation of an oil accounting system to anticipate potential revenue, margins and cost of sales. 

Methanol Holding, Trinidad (2005-2007)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Program and Project Manager of a team of 8 JD Edwards application and technical consultants.
  • Implemented Financials, Capital Asset Maintenance, Job Cost, Plant & Equipment Management, Payroll, HR and Distribution including Sales and Inventory Management.
  • Heavily involved in the design and setup of the Job Cost tracking, Contract Management, Advanced Pricing and Work Order process including warranty management required to manage the world’s second largest Methanol producers 5 plants.
  • Provided training on EnterpriseOne for applications 00, 01, 03, 04, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 41, 42, 43, 44, 48, 50/1 and RDA.


Applebee’s Restaurant, Overland Park, KS (1997-1998) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Responsible for implementing a 4,000 staff payroll including tips processing. managed consulting and customer staff of 10. 

Tanimura & Antle, CA (1996-1997) 

Professional JDE Consultant 


  • Project manager for application and technical consulting team.
  • Performed un-install of $1 Million worth of software customizations (done by a different business partner), which the product could already perform.
  • Responsible for implementing Grower Accounting, Payroll, Manufacturing, Finance and Distribution. 

Bell County, TX (2008-2010) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Project manager of application, technical resources, and payroll.

  • SME for encumbrance accounting. 


  • Implemented payroll and human resources with time management.
  • Implemented encumbrance accounting including PCards and purchase orders.
  • Created an integrity reporting and update process for the commitments ledger that is more robust than for the actual ledger.
  • Using the PPAT applications, created an email purchase order approval and budget release process using Exchange and Lotus Notes email so users could approve purchase orders and release budget hold via iPhone and Blackberry.
  • Revamped the tolerance process for exception reporting rather than using process interference. Reviewed and trained the organization for the upcoming Project Government and Contract Accounting implementation for ACRN projects.
  • Deployed fixed assets management including depreciation and equipment maintenance.
  • Managed staff of 10.
  • Created training materials and trained entire staff for World 9.1 for applications 00, 01, 01P, 03, 04, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 14, 41, 43, 48, 50-1, 52-G, 54, 82, 83 and 92-96.

ABC School, CA (1992-1993)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Manager for their World JD Edwards Financial Suite implementation which included encumbrance accounting and budget control.

Southern California Water, CA (1996) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • SME responsible for implementing JD Edwards Financial Suite, Fixed Assets, Job Cost, Contract Management, Payroll and Human Resources.

Padre Dam, CA (1995) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Project Lead and SME responsible for implementing the JD Edwards Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Human Resources, Inventory Management, Job Cost, Capital Asset Maintenance, Payroll, Purchasing, Capital Requirements, Contract Management, Work Orders, World Writers and FASTR.

Environmental Industries (1992-1994) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • System architect and project manager for implementing the JD Edwards Manufacturing, Distribution, Payroll and Finance suites.
  • Enhanced the Payroll system to efficiently process their 29 states payroll.
  • Later returned to upgrade to version 7.3; the process went smoothly because of our change management process and the excellent documentation of the original implementation. 

Edwards Lifesciences, US/Europe (2001-2003)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Project Manager for a team of 16 multi-national and multi-language application and technical consultants.
  • Provided a broad range of services for the Phase 2 Distribution implementation, functional consulting, technical consulting, CNC support, data conversion, documentation development and training.
  • Managed a consulting team responsible for the design, configuration and implementation of the distribution and finance applications to support a commissionaire sales and financial structure for its operations in Europe.
  • This multi currency system was installed in 7 countries, 12 offices with 6 languages.
  • Led the development of heavy VAT customization to optimize the tax exposure across Europe and developed a deep understanding of FDA and other regulatory requirements for Life Sciences products. 

Baxter Professional 

JDE Consultant

  • Managed a group of developers responsible for developing Sales Order Processing and other Distribution extensions and enhancements.  

Amersham Pharmacia, Japan & US (1997-1998) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Played an important part in implementing JDE Double Byte in Japan for Distribution and Finance suites.
  • Project Lead for a small team of consultants and customer’s JD Edwards user base. 

Aiwa, US & Hong Kong (1997)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Managed a team that reconfigured the manufacturing systems to accommodate the move of the manufacturing from USA to Hong Kong.
  • Reconfigured the sales and distribution systems to automatically track incoming sales into two legal and geographic areas.
  • The systems were set up to automatically determine which region the customer is in and generate all transactions to transfer the product between companies and generate the accounting entries for the inter company transactions. 

Oro America, CA (1996-1997)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • Implemented a heavily modified inventory/distribution system including general ledger, distribution and purchasing with EDI.
  • Project manager for a team of ten consultants, technicians and programmers. 

Copiers Now, CA (2000-2001)
Professional JDE Consultant

  • System architect and project manager for implementing JD Edwards OneWorld suites of Finance and Distribution fully interfaced with IBM’s WebSphere Commerce Suite using MQ Series.  

Air Reservoir Manufacturer, OH (2002-2003) 

Professional JDE Consultant 

  • Project Manager/Trainer responsible for implementing 16 applications of JD Edwards for this construction sub-contractor. Applications include General Ledger, Job Cost, Contract Management, Contract Production, Change Order Management, Inventory, Fixed Assets, and Payroll/Human Resources.


• Bachelor of Arts — Microbiology and Biochemistry St. Olaf College, Northfield Minnesota 

• JD Edwards Business Partner College 

Certifications and Affiliations: Oracle Certifications: 

• JD Edwards Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, Job Cost, FASTR, World Writer, OMW, R.E.P. Methodology, Train the Trainer, Financials Implementation Consultant, Pre-Sales Consultant, Service Support Consultant, JD Edwards Certified Teacher/Trainer