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We are a team of skilled professionals who bring a vast array of experience to our clients.  That industry-focused drive, motivates us to look at problems from a different angle.  We delight in identifying opportunity mapping out solutions others might not see.

At iKW Solutions our goal is to help guide you through IT challenges to help you reach your destination.  No product or company binds us.  We’re unlike other enterprise IT firms who consult with their clients only to drive them to their own solution.  Our approach is simple.  We direct our clients to the proper solution for them.  This is why we are so focused on making the best decisions around partner and system selections. We enjoy spending time to fully understand our clients needs.  The solution is not already baked up when we join your Team.

For those organizations operating in highly secure and regulated industries, you should be comforted by our experience providing service to government, healthcare systems, real estate, food and beverage, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, financial institutions and energy industries.  At iKW Solutions we leverage a host of experts all over North America and beyond who specialize in everything from enterprise security to cloud services.  Just because we have worked with many Fortune 500 companies does not mean we don’t provide solutions for smaller organizations.  In fact, we are often asked if we have limitations on the size of clients we work with.  We do not.  If we can help a client, we will, no matter their revenue or number of employees.

JD Edwards

Your enterprise relies on systems to ensure your business runs smoothly and you remain in compliance.  Whether you already are running an ERP system that needs to be upgraded or are looking to implement a new system, making the right choice in partner and system can make a stark difference in terms of time to implement, cost of implementation, and return on investment.  Making the right choice begins right now.

iKW Solutions has over 32 years of experience as a JD Edwards / Oracle partner implementing JD Edwards software in over 60 countries to date.  With specialized industry knowledge, iKW Solutions has led successful projects in Energy and Chemical Solutions, Construction, Engineering, Agri-business, Consumer Packaged Goods, Public Sector, and a variety of other challenging and diverse industries. 

Why JD Edwards?

  • How does saving 60 – 80% over competing systems sound?  
  • What about industry specific modules that speed time of implementation dramatically?  
  • 32 years of proven reliability and upgrades to enable you to continuously adapt?  

JD Edwards is rock solid and capable of handling the most demanding corporate requirements.  Choosing a stable, trusted system puts your enterprise ahead of the game, reducing the time required to chase down errors and diagnose unproven systems.

Why iKW Solutions?

  • iKW Solutions has deep knowledge, experience, and history with all JD Edwards tools and applications. 
  • 300+ JDE ERP implementations successfully completed for clients like Chevron, Coca-Cola, Amgen, Praxair, Barilla America, Baxter Pharmaceutical & Dole Foods. 
  • iKW Solutions has participated in over 60 multi-site and global implementations. 
  • We offer a Team of 100+ JDE experienced consultants. 
  • iKW Solutions has received JDE’s worldwide Mark of Excellence. 
  • iKW Solutions is an authorized Oracle Consulting Partner and JDE Strategic Partner.

iKW Solutions can quickly mobilize and manage consultants anywhere in the World.  The team at iKW Solutions is driven by project management excellence, cost control, and providing financially-driven business solutions that enhance the value its clients get from using JD Edwards software to run their businesses.  iKW Solutions is ready to handle your business’ unique needs.


Bring expertise to your business operations. What does working with an Oracle Partner mean? When iKW Solutions works with you we deliver experts trained directly by Oracle not a third party.  We bring our understanding to bear when developing solutions customized to your needs and implemented into your infrastructure.

Staying ahead of the curve is critical when technology is evolving so rapidly.  Oracle provides iKW Solutions beta access to products before they hit the market so that we may master them, advise our clients appropriately, and train them immediately after the technology is released to the public.  When licensing is a need, iKW Solutions’ partner status often allows us to offer lower pricing than going direct through Oracle.