Oracle First – logos and mentions of Oracle around all things JDE and Oracle Cloud

How to Organize the site.

  • Key Feature under Digital Transformation – We are Orchestrator experts. Followed by under Orchestrator – the key tools of Orchestrator and the benefits of it.
  • ex ups freight values able to be merged with existing transactions or reporting.
  • ex google earth can be imported and added to customer service application

  • Mining – example – meta data or seo around it. what will keep them around. ex miner – what will keep their interest. ex – applications specific to mining. Anything you need, we will put in the product. Competition with HANA 1/10th the cost. (Make a labyrinth of interesting concepts applied to mining around JDE)
  • Agriculture – Grower Management and Accounting (Vinyards, etc) (DOLE)
  • Why iKW related to JDE? Capabilities around Freight, Transportation and Engineering, Digital Transformation, etc.
  • What within JDE causes it to be more useful to a specific sector?
  • Development costs kept within total cost of ownership. The customization with iKW is more likely to be cost effective.
  • Orchestrator and UX tools being able to move them into the Digital Transformation process.
  • Constantly Current – Other vendors out there – What are other people saying about needing to stay current – grid to show the differences between the others and CC. Ex – Payroll (Quarterly) ADP not used because it isn’t timely – They have enhancements and integrations. DOLE FOODS, Tanamura and Antle, Chevron, (Pitch -we’ll automate and upgrade and keep you current for x per month.) T&A doesn’t use the product they paid for (Scott Mcgrath? was selling that software, name not know.) 2nd product in India (Search for “Code Current JDE”) – Significant Enhancements (TOO EXPENSIVE, TOO DIFFICULT, IGNORING THE PROBLEM) What is this group searching for?
  • PRODUCTS – JDE (All of the platforms), ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, EBS, (PAUL and RANDAL can put together the list.) (SAP light? Coronus?)(SAP ADP COMBO)
  • The products are industry specific.
  • ERP Cloud (Financial) JDE (Energy, Ag, Mining) EBS (?) SAP with ADP (Small Enterprise 20M-200M) Orchestrator, UX Tools, TCOO, CC. (Need to develop those skills around cloud.)
  • Category of Oracle Infrastructure (License reviews, health checks,? list from site as place to start) [Randal] Are these things also MS based?
  • JDE – aws, azure, oracle cloud, blue hill. Where do you want to host? What fits your current cloud?
  • White paper – Why single tenant is better than multi tenant – White Paper by Matthew